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Serving international and EU students for years, we understand that finding accommodation in the UK is the most challenging part. But don’t worry; our experts are here to assist. In collaboration with our partners like Uniplaces and Casita, we can help you find the ideal place to live wherever you study in the UK. 

Below are more details on how our new partners will help you find a place to live:


Uniplaces is a user-friendly, easy-to-use and innovative online accommodation platform designed to help students find accommodation in European cities. Using this platform, you can book a place fast and pay for it safely. Moreover, using Uniplaces, you can browse through thousands of properties to find the right one. You can book and rent out a room or an apartment from local landlords online and fly to the UK before your semester starts with a peace of mind that you have your accommodation all sorted out. Indeed, Uniplaces offers an ideal rental experience for students to find accommodation in the UK smoothly, safely and without any stress. 


Casita is another partner from our network that provides quality assistance to university students to find accommodation in the UK. Casita has a proper management and customer support team in London dedicated to helping students live in the UK without any hassle. They strive to help students find the right accommodation according to their needs and close to their university. Their service is efficient, professional and above all free of cost.